How to change the logo on the homepage of Oracle E-Business Suite

Applies To:-

Oracle Applications Framework - Version 12.0.0 to 12.1.3 [Release 12 to 12.1]



To implement this there are 2 actions required:

The first is to change profile option:
1. Login to Applications as System Administrator.
2. Select: System Administrator > Profile - System.
3. Query profile "Corporate Branding Image for Oracle Applications".
4. Change the SITE level value to the name of the custom image file (e.g. dba_arena_custom.gif).
5. Save the change.

The second action is performed on the Application server:
1. Open a telnet/PuTTY session to the Application server and source Applications environment.
2. Navigate to the $OA_MEDIA directory.
3. Copy the custom image file to this directory and make sure the image size is 155*20 pixels
and permissions are set properly.
Now clear the browser cache and access the environment. Now the new logo should be rendered.


  1. UTPAL NAYAK says:

    You have to clear midtier cache from functional administrator to get the logo visible in load balance environment in EBS.

  2. karan Bijoor says:

    I have done this on my EBS 12.2 environment and it works.
    Great Job shakeeb. Keep posting such pieces and you make our dba's lives much more easier.

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