Workflow Mailer Validation Error


While configuring the Workflow Notification Mailer, a "Validation Error" is displayed.

Workflow Mailer Validation Error

1. Please run the script $FND_TOP/sql/afsvcpup as apps:

sqlplus apps/apps_pwd

SQL> @$FND_TOP/sql/afsvcpup

2. After that the script will return the list of components and their component id.


Component Id Component Name Component Status Type Containe
------------ ------------------------------ ---------------- --------------- --------
10000 ECX Inbound Agent Listener RUNNING WF_AGENT_LISTEN GSM
10001 ECX Transaction Agent Listener RUNNING WF_AGENT_LISTEN GSM
10002 Workflow Deferred Agent Listen RUNNING WF_AGENT_LISTEN GSM
10003 Workflow Deferred Notification RUNNING WF_AGENT_LISTEN GSM
10004 Workflow Error Agent Listener RUNNING WF_AGENT_LISTEN GSM
10005 Workflow Inbound Notifications RUNNING WF_AGENT_LISTEN GSM
10006 Workflow Notification Mailer RUNNING WF_MAILER GSM
10021 Web Services IN Agent RUNNING WF_JAVA_AGENT_L GSM
10022 Workflow Java Deferred Agent L RUNNING WF_JAVA_AGENT_L GSM
10023 Workflow Java Error Agent List RUNNING WF_JAVA_AGENT_L GSM
10060 Workflow Inbound JMS Agent Lis RUNNING WF_AGENT_LISTEN GSM
11080 new java deferred RUNNING WF_AGENT_LISTEN GSM

This screen will give you the component id for the WF Mailer.

In the example I have to enter 10006 to modify the WF Notification Mailer. You may have a different component id for the mailer.
Enter Component Id: 10006
After you enter the component id, the next screen will show you the Mailer parameters and the parameter ids.

Comp Param Id Parameter Name Default Value Value Req Reload
------------- --------------------------------------------- -------------------- ---------- ------------------------------ --- ------
10055 Allow Forwarded Response Y Y N Y
10159 Alternate email parser oracle.apps.fnd.wf.m ailer.Dire oracle.apps.fnd.wf.mailer.Dire Y N
ctEmailParser ctEmailParser

10160 Attach images to outbound emails Y Y Y Y
10161 Attach stylesheet to outbound email Y Y Y Y
10057 Autoclose FYI Y N Y Y
10061 Debug Mail Session N N N N
10162 Direct response N N N N
10062 Discard Folder DISCARD DISCARD Y N
10063 Email Parser oracle.apps.fnd.wf.m ailer.Temp oracle.apps.fnd.wf.mailer.Temp Y N
latedEmailParser latedEmailParser

10180 Enable stylesheet references N N Y Y
10064 Expunge Inbox on Close Y Y Y Y
10165 Framework Application ID 1 1 Y N
10164 Framework Responsiblity 20420 20420 Y N
10166 Framework URL timeout 30 30 Y N
10163 Framework User 0 0 Y N
10065 From Workflow Mailer Test Mailer Y Y
10066 HTML Agent http://cela.us.oracle.com Y Y

10287 HTML delimiter DEFAULT DEFAULT Y N
10201 HTTP User Agent Mozilla/4.76 Mozilla/4.76 Y Y
10068 Inbound Protocol imap IMAP Y N
10260 Inbound SSL Enabled N N Y N
10069 Inbound Server Name NoImapHost.NoImapDomain Y N
10082 Inbound Thread Count 1 0 Y Y
10167 Inbound connection time out 120 120 Y N
10168 Inbound message fetch size 100 100 Y N
10070 Inbox Folder INBOX INBOX Y N
10071 Inline Attachments N N N Y
10173 Invalid More Information Response Notificatio WFMAIL:OPEN_INVALID_ MORE_INFO WFMAIL:OPEN_INVALID_MORE_INFO Y Y

10074 Invalid Response Notification WFMAIL:OPEN_INVALID WFMAIL:OPEN_INVALID Y Y
10250 Invalid address list size 100 100 Y N
10060 Log Level 5 5 Y Y
10073 Mailer Node Name WFMAIL WFMAIL Y N
10084 Max Error Count 10 10 Y N
10169 Maximum Ignore List size 1000 1000 Y N
10170 Maximum Response lookup code cache size 100 100 Y N
10171 Maximum returned email list size 100 100 Y N
10072 Message Formatter oracle.apps.fnd.wf.m ailer.Noti oracle.apps.fnd.wf.mailer.Noti Y N
ficationFormatter ficationFormatter

10300 More Information Response Warning Notificatio WFMAIL:MORE_INFO_ANS WERED WFMAIL:MORE_INFO_ANSWERED Y Y

10076 Open Notification (Direct Response Parsing) WFMAIL:OPEN_MAIL_DIR ECT WFMAIL:OPEN_MAIL_DIRECT Y Y
10174 Open Notification (More Information Request) WFMAIL:OPEN_MORE_INF O WFMAIL:OPEN_MORE_INFO Y Y
10058 Outbound Cancelled Notification WFMAIL:CANCELED WFMAIL:CANCELED N Y
10059 Outbound Closed Notification WFMAIL:CLOSED WFMAIL:CLOSED N Y
10176 Outbound HTML Summary Notification WFMAIL:SUMHTML WFMAIL:SUMHTML Y Y
10078 Outbound Protocol smtp SMTP Y N
10264 Outbound SSL Enabled N N Y N
10079 Outbound Server Name mail.oracle.com Y N
10092 Outbound Summary Notification WFMAIL:SUMMARY WFMAIL:SUMMARY Y Y
10086 Outbound Thread Count 1 1 Y Y
10094 Outbound Warning Notification WFMAIL:WARNING WFMAIL:WARNING Y Y
10175 Outbound connection time out 120 120 Y N
10367 OutboundUser changeOnJavaMailerInstall N N
10080 Processed Folder PROCESS PROCESSED Y N
10088 Processor Close on Read Timeout Y Y Y N
10081 Processor Error Loop Sleep 60 60 Y N
10085 Processor Max Loop Sleep 60 60 Y N
10083 Processor Min Loop Sleep 5 5 Y N
10087 Processor Read Wait Timeout 10 10 Y N
10251 Processor defer reading event data Y Y Y N
10089 Reply-to Address NoReplyTo@oracle.com Y Y
10090 Reset NLS N N Y Y
10263 SSL Trust store NONE /u01/R12/ebsprod/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/appsutil/jdk/jre/lib/security/cacerts N N
10091 Send Access Key Y N Y Y
10262 Send e-mails for canceled notifications Y Y Y N
10261 Send warning for unsolicited e-mail Y Y Y Y
10093 Test Address NONE NONE N Y
10172 Unsolicited event threshold 2 2 Y N
10054 Username NoImapUser Y N

Enter the Comp Param Id to update : 10263
(Enter the parameter id that corresponds to the "SSL Trust store" parameter.)

You have selected parameter : SSL Trust store
Current value of parameter : /u01/R12/ebsprod/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/appsutil/jdk/jre/lib/security/cacerts

Enter a value for the parameter : NONE
(Set the parameter to NONE)

3. Go to the application, and verify if the error is displayed.

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