REP-0004: Warning: Unable to open user preference file


Concurrent request logfiles have the below error:

REP-0004: Warning: Unable to open user preference file



The prefs.ora is either missing or non-accessible.



1. No prefs.ora file in HOME directory:

Oracle Reports will look into the user's HOME directory for the prefs.ora preferences file.  If a prefs.ora file does not exist in your HOME directory, you can copy the prefs.ora file that came with the Oracle Tools.

A prefs.ora file is shipped with the Oracle Tools, and is located in: 


Copy the prefs.ora file from $ORACLE_HOME/tools/admin/ directory into the Application users $HOME directory.

[appltest@ebsdb2-mgmt ~]$ cd /u01/ebsapps/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/tools/admin/

[appltest@ebsdb2-mgmt admin]$ ls

prefs.ora  prefs.ora.bak  prefs.ora.bak.1  prefs.ora.bak.2  prefs.ora.bak.3  prefs.ora.bak.4  prefs.ora.bak.5  prefs.ora.bak.6  prefs.ora.bak.7  prefs.ora.bak.8

[appltest@ebsdb2-mgmt admin]$ cp -rfv prefs.ora /home/appltest/


2. Insufficient privileges on the prefs.ora file:

The user invoking Oracle Reports must have read privileges on the prefs.ora file.  

[appltest@ebsdb2-mgmt ~]$ ls -ltr prefs.ora
-rw-r--r--. 1 appldev oinstall 2080 Feb 11 2016 prefs.ora


3. A system error made it impossible to open the file.

The preferences file may have become corrupted.  If you suspect file corruption, copy $ORACLE_HOME/tools/admin/prefs.ora and reenter your preferences.  

Note: Oracle Forms and Oracle Graphics also read prefs.ora, thus you will have to reenter all preferences that were set in the corrupted prefs.ora file.

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