Pages not Rendering Correctly in Oracle E-Business Suite


Dark blue background, mid-sized fonts, and incorrectly formatted buttons.



1. Stop application services.
adstpall.sh apps/apps_pwd

2. BACKUP the files in the following directories and then remove the files from the directories :
Note: Once you complete these steps, all the directories will still be present, but will be empty.

cd $OA_HTML/cabo/images/cache
[applmgr@dbaarena images]$ cp -rfv cache cache_bkp_11May15

While in the $OA_HTML/cabo/images/cache directory:
[applmgr@dbaarena cache]$ rm -rf *

Run the same steps for $OA_HTML/cabo/styles/cache
[applmgr@dbaarena images]$ cd ../styles
[applmgr@dbaarena styles]$ cp -rf cache cache_bkp_11May15

While in the $OA_HTML/cabo/styles/cache directory:
[applmgr@dbaarena cache]$ rm -rf *

3. Recompile jsp’s:

[applmgr@dbaarena cache]$ perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ojspCompile.pl --compile -p 6 -log /tmp/ojspCompile.log --flush
logfile set: /tmp/ojspCompile.log
starting...(compiling all)
using 10i internal ojsp ver: 10
synchronizing dependency file:
loading deplist...8100
enumerating jsps...8105
updating dependency...5
parsing jsp...5
writing deplist...8105
initializing compilation:
eliminating children...6035 (-2070)
translating and compiling:
translating jsps...6035/6035 in 1m7s
compiling jsps...6035/6035 in 1m52s

4. Run cmclean.sql

5. Restart application services
adstrtal.sh apps/apps_pwd

6. Clear server cache.
Login to Oracle Applications > Functional Administrator > Core Services > Caching Framework > Global Configuration > Clear All Cache > Apply

7. Clear browser cache on pc. This is important.
Delete cookies, temp internet files, history from browser.

Login to oracle application and check again.

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